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Cabling Infrastructure System Service in Jakarta

Structured cabling forms the base on which all the other network equipment functions and depends on. An effective transport of information over a structured network essentially requires a sound cable infrastructure. This will ensure that all critical business communications, operations, and processes are handled effectively.

PT. Universal Network Indonesia’s certified technicians offer design, installation, maintenance, and optimization of structured cabling systems, comprising of copper cable, fiber optic cable, and coaxial cable for delivery of voice, data, and video services.

We offer the following cabling system services:

✓ Data Cabling
✓ Voice & Data Wiring
✓ Security Camera Installation (CCTV, IP/Analog Security Cameras and Aventura Video Surveillance)
✓ Wire Management, Patch Panel Termination, Testing, Certification
✓ Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 Data Cabling Installation and Repair
✓ Fiber Optics Installation – Single Mode, Multi-mode, Testing and Terminations
✓ We adhere to strict industry specifications in the design and installation of structured cabling for all such applications.

Networks are changing, converging. They used to be composed of many different technologies: land-line voice, cable TV, fax machines, and data networks. Today, networks are on fewer platforms, but the drive for more bandwidth, the pressures of business realities, and the pace of technology and regulatory changes have never been greater.

Despite all the different platforms, a wireline network is still the foundation of every other network, because no other medium can match the virtually-unlimited bandwidth of fiber optics. It has to be robust, reliable and modular where required. At the same time, it needs to be easy to install and maintain, and not too expensive to deploy.

Regardless of what your network is today, it will be different tomorrow—and our certified CommScope Partner PRO has both the expertise and solutions that can help solve many of your problems, including registering your project warranty to be eligible and match the standardization of product quality to be certified for 20 year warranty.

Our Professional Cabling Structure:
01. AMP NETCONNECT Professional Installer
02. COMMSCOPE Partner PRO Installer
03. SCHNEIDER PRO Structure Installer
04. NETVIEL Fiber Optic System Installer
01. PANASONIC IP PBX System Installer
02. PANASONIC Telephony System Installer
03. YEALINK Partner Certified Installer

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