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Surveillance and Network Project in Plantation and Mining Jakarta Indonesia

Coal mining is not a new business recently heard by us, but in the state of Indonesia, especially the island of Borneo, an island of the largest and most populous mining in Indonesia. The need for Information Technology at a company mine becomes a necessity, in order to achieve progress and success for the company. As we know that for a mining company in its region which is quite broad. In order to cover and connect the locations where work inside the mine such as: offices, warehouses, workshops, services, etc, through the mining & plantation company PT. UNI build infrastructure through FO cable network and WiFi to connect all of these locations and create an integrated network system. The products used are NETVIEL FO, BELDEN, MikroTik, Ubiquity and AIRLIVE Surveillance.

Some of our projects in plantation and mining areas are:

PT. INDOSAWIT KEKAL – Pangkalanbun, Kalteng ( 2011 )
PT. BINA SARANA SUKSES – Samarinda & Banjarmasin ( 2010 )
PT. BALENGKONG MINERAL RESOURCES – Kotabaru, Kalsel & Grogot, Kaltim ( 2009 )
PT. BUKIT MAKMUR Adaro – Tutupan, Kaltim ( 2009 )
PT. SEBUKU IRON LATERITIC ORES – Pluit, Jakarta ( 2009 )
PT. BUKIT MAKMUR Kideco – Pasir, Kaltim ( 2008 )
PT. BUKIT MAKMUR Berau Coal Binungan & Lati – Tanjung Redeb, Kaltim ( 2002 )
PT. BUKIT MAKMUR BBE Jongkang & Lanna – Samarinda ( 2002 )

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